What Martial Arts Teach You About Life

by | Mar 11, 2020

What Martial Arts Teach You About Life

When it comes to martial arts, most people visualize ninjas in black and bold kung fu kicks. However, in reality martial arts entail much more than merely strikes and fights. Apart from rigorous physical exercise, all forms of martial arts include mental discipline.
In today’s world, where stress is multi-pronged and the complexities many, martial arts teach us to cope with life more easily and effectively. Engagement in such activities helps us imbibe the beliefs and maxims to overcome adversities in life. Thus, even though martial arts cover different forms of fighting, each of them teaches us the essence of life and how to navigate it with steadfastness.
Irrespective of whether you want to build a successful career, better your relationships or improve your health, incorporating martial arts in your daily lifestyle will help to follow your dreams. To know how such activities can teach you more about life, read on!

1. Mastery is an Asymptote
In martial arts, there is no such word as “mastery”. Once you begin practising a martial art class, you come to learn all the basic techniques of fighting. However, as you progress and reach advanced levels, you start learning more complex strikes and moves. Every time you reach a level, you are required to start over and learn anew. The same applies to life. Whether it is your career or personal life, each phase brings with it the opportunity to learn new things. In turn, this lets you know yourself better and become a stronger and wiser person. Thus, martial arts teach us that learning is a never-ending process, with the scope to explore new horizons.

2. Everyone Has Something to Teach
While you are practising a martial art, you come across various fighters with different strengths, flexibilities and techniques. All of them have something to teach you in order for you to improve your fighting skills. The best way to learn from one another is through sparring. This is true for both the novice and the most seasoned fighters. Again, this resonates in everyday life: as individuals, we tend to be smug in our own opinion. This, however, isn’t always the smartest decision. Similar to sparring, every other person we meet has something valuable to impart to us. So, no matter how difficult a person may seem there is always an important lesson to be learnt.

3. Concentration is Important
To prosper in life, it is important to focus on what we are doing. When we attend a martial arts class, the first thing the instructor teaches us is the technique to concentrate. When diversions scattered all around us, we must all work on undivided attention that can help attain our goal. Martial arts teach us the methods to block out distractions and focus on what we want to achieve. Regular practice of this kind makes us more calm and confident.

4. Discipline Makes Everything Achievable
Discipline makes the path to success smoother. It makes our dreams more achievable. Apart from concentration, an important feature that a fighter needs to imbibe is strict discipline. This helps control the urge to get carried away and applied beyond the martial arts classroom as well. With a disciplined mind and body, we can perform much better in our daily life and achieve goals with relative ease.

5. Mental Strength Can Help Overcome Adversity
Martial arts are not only meant for strengthening you physically but mentally as well. Indeed, it teaches that being emboldened mentally can play a key role in moving forward despite obstacles. In life too, we all face hurdles and adversities that can make our world challenging. However, mental strength can help us persist in our onward journey and keep the ball rolling – which is essential for survival. The regular practice of martial arts builds our mental strength, which enables us to conquer our darkest hours and march forward in life like a true warrior.

6. One Can Develop Courage
Another important lesson that martial art teaches us is courage. The attitude of embracing every situation, no matter how challenging helps us develop courage and fortitude. The virtue of courage ignites the fire within and live on our own terms, no matter how bumpy the road. It enables us to always be “in control” in life, as opposed to feeling helpless.

7. No Risk, No Gain
Whether you are faced with a challenge in martial arts or life, you need to learn the art of taking risks to overcome them. Both winning and losing are a matter of time, and two sides of the same coin. It all depends on which side the coin lands on. Life does not guarantee anything. For every venture, there is a risk of losing but also the opportunity to win. Martial arts let us imbibe the ‘never give up’ attitude and lead life in a spirited way.

8. Respect Everyone
Martial art classes revolve around the concept of respect. It teaches individuals to respect instructors, seniors, students as well as opponents. Respecting others makes us humble and this, in turn, helps us live happily and more productively. It makes us more receptive and thus, enables us to improve our skill sets more effectively. This attitude is the basis of every relationship and builds the feelings of trust, well-being and safety.

9. Patience is Key
In this fast-paced age, with the widespread urge for instant gratification, we often forget that patience is a valued asset for success. Just like hard work, we also need to hold our patience to succeed in life. The journey from the basic to the advanced level or black belt is a long one. Martial arts teach us to build forbearance. Neither Bruce Lee nor Jackie Chan attained instant success. They all had to go through their own share of challenges and hardships. So, patience is essentially the key to achieving greater things in life.

Martial arts are not just about performance. There is much more one can learn from it. From health benefits and self-defence to concentration and courage, martial arts make you stronger inside out. So, if you are keen on success and want to make your life better, it is wise to enrol in martial arts. When practised from early on, it can make you a more fulfilled individual.