About You

You like a challenge and you like to try new exciting things. You set goals, and then you crush them. For you, a holiday isn’t measured by the rays of sunlight you soaked in by the pool, but by the wonder in the eyes of those who hear your stories.

Expedition Everywhere is not a classic travel agency where you can simply book a trip. Our expeditions are tailor-made and have a fixed duration and itinerary. Check the expeditions page to see upcoming trips and please drop us a line if you wish to join. We will get back to you and plan a (Skype) call to see if you fit our vibe. All companions will be personally vetted. We do this to ensure the best possible experience for you and all other expedition members. The vetting includes some personal questions to find who you are and what makes you tick.

Who said holidays are just for relaxation? We believe that the connections you make with others during exploratory travels and detaching yourself from your day-to-day life enables you to reconnect with your true self and thus enabling personal and professional growth.


Beware: Some of our trips force you to completely detach from the outside world. No phone reception, No internet. Don’t worry though, we’ll talk with each other!

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