Group Travel 2.0

Expedition Everywhere organizes a limited amount of exclusive tailor-made trips for adventurous individuals who wish to travel with like-minded companions. We connect inspiring people through inspiring journeys.

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Resilience Movement

Nov 2020


March 2021

Huayhuash 2021

May 2021


The combined effort of our organisational talent, love for the finer things in life and adventurous spirit leads to a kind of group travel you’ve never seen before.

Our travel itineraries are specifically designed for people who like a challenge. In your day to day life you’re busy with your career, or managing your business, or taking care of your family, or simply just working hard to achieve your personal goals. For you, a week of relaxation by a resort pool doesn’t count as a holiday. You need more, and you wish to meet others who need more too.


We’ll take you to places you didn’t know existed..

We go to places most people don’t, in order to do things most people can’t. We’ll ski and snowboard in the Balkan’s and Central Asia, we’ll hike through Andean highlands or Armenian forests and we’ll kitesurf in the middle of the Red Sea..

Network and TRAVEL

Meet extraordinary people, visit extraordinary places and do extraordinary things.

Your vibe attracts your tribe. By travelling with us, we promise you will get to know people who will enrich your life. the visionaries, shapers, dreamers and doers. During our trips, we’ll detach ourselves from everyday life, we’ll connect with ourselves and each other and we’ll return enriched with fresh ideas, and the network and willpower to execute them.  

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